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Tulum, Mexico • March 12-14th, 2025

Offsite Experience
Save a seat at the Hamilton Distillers Tasting room, home of the award-winning Whiskey Del Bac. We offer an immersive experience into the art of creating America’s finest single malts. As you are guided into the distillery, you will learn about the intricate process from malting to fermentation and distillation. Stephen Paul, founder of Whiskey Del Bac, will walk you through each stage, sharing the secrets that go into producing our award-winning whiskeys. Following the tour, you will be guided through a comprehensive tasting of our whiskeys: Classic, Dorado, Sentinel, and take a sneak peek into limited releases. You will learn the complexity and nuance of tasting American single malts in a fun and engaging way.

Note: Roundtrip transportation provided
Recommended attire: Casual